Sound Energy Practice

Sound healing instruments

The fields of Therapeutic Sound, Music Therapy and Sound Healing are currently experiencing a great deal of interest, with an expansion of modalities and practices, and a number of research studies that demonstrate sound’s beneficial effects on our health & wellbeing. Today we see modern science converging with ancient wisdom as more sacred rituals and tools emerge throughout a variety of therapeutic practices. In medical fields we see sound used in a multitude of ways that positively impacts our brain and neuroplasticity, cognitive development, nervous system, heart and cardiovascular system, respiratory system, metabolism, muscular system and function, skeletal system strength and much more. Through simple listening, clinical trials have shown that sound can enhance pain relief, mood, confidence, relaxation and resilience to induce greater quality of life. 

My own understanding of a therapeutic sound practice is that it is a highly effective complimentary practice that integrates ancient wisdom, sacred ritual, modern science, performance art and holistic healing. The body contains many layers of Bioelectromagnetic fields that sound vibrations encounter and interact with. It is the body that self heals through these interactions with sound vibrations, bringing dissonance into harmony again. Balancing and restoring. In my sessions I continually scan the energy fields to track the resolution of dissonance - it is easy to hear the change that occurs as healing takes place. Our Bioelectromagnetic fields seek to by unified with the physical body, the mind, our emotions, our spirit and soul. We are a diverse field of practices and practitioners, but one thing we all agree upon is the power of sound to unify. 

Modern society is a challenging place for many of us to exist. 80% of health challenges are exacerbated or linked to chronic stress and suppressed emotions. Our Autonomic Nervous System and Adrenal Glands are often under enormous stress, due to sustained stress that is common in today’s fast paced lifestyle. These systems work to maintain our survival, so when we perceive a crisis our systems respond to a stress induced state and produces excess, explosive energy. If our bodies don’t use that energy or have enough down-time to replenish energy, eliminate toxins and repair damage, that excess of energy can begin to negatively impact our body by damaging cells, tissues and organs, which leads to disease. Sound Energy Practice can trigger the body’s relaxation response, allowing that time and space for healing to occur and the body to maintain homeostasis. In my own practice, I am finding myself drawn to my client’s energy centres and meridian lines, as followed in Taoist practice. This has become an area of professional growth for me, but highlights the importance of energy flow on our physical body. 

For those who find daily meditation difficult, Sound immersions can offer a great alternative by bringing a mindfulness practice into your daily routine. Sound immersions and meditations have been shown to unify your mind with sound- inducing a lucid, meditative state without chasing your thoughts or denying them. To observe the mind means that we can examine our sensations, thoughts and emotions as objects that we can bare witness to. The ability to observe our mind has a powerful effect on our ability to control our emotions and thoughts, building emotional resilience. Our bodies respond to what we believe, and we all have the power to return our bodies to their natural state of balance. Sound Immersions and Meditations allow our body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul to interact with healing vibrations of sound. 

Through my Sound Energy Practice, I have experienced the release and transformation of long held beliefs, trauma, repressed emotions, stagnant and blocked energy without the use of talk therapy or inducing the memory of trauma again. Clients describe dense energy being lifted away, improvement in their response to traumatic memories and experiences, and the removal of barriers that existed in their lives. Having a body that is in tune and unified with its many energetic layers allows us to function in unity with our higher spirit/ purpose/ god (choose your own adventure) and manifest for our greater good. 

Sacred Sound Elements recent development into 'Spiritualist Sound Energy Practice' has taken this energetic work a step further to work multidimensionally with the Spirit Realms in Sacred Ceremonial Space. Ongoing trainings and initiations with Shamanic Energy Training® (Dragon Lineage) have provided me with a Shamanic Energy Training Template to transpose and weave into my practice. This has amplified the energy work already occurring, and allows me to access more information faster - making better use of our time together. Working multidimensionally means that we can work across your ancestral and celestial lineages

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to comb through your biofield (Electromagnetic field) to locate areas of incoherence or dissonance. Our Biofield holds the energetic imprints of physical and emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, and so much more. By introducing sound vibration into these dissonant areas of the field, the body is able to interact with the tones of the forks and harmonise those areas of tension in the field and in the body. This allows relaxation to occur, which liberates our body, mind, emotions, spirit from old patterns of stress and action. Chi is able to circulate again with greater strength, bringing us into a balanced  state and greater peace.  

Biofield Tuning is a powerful modality for those seeking complimentary therapies to address pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, difficulties moving forward in life and much more. Please read through the contraindications page to ensure you are able to experience any bodily detox processing and receive direct on-body vibrations. If you have the time, I recommend watching these videos with Biofield Tuning Founder and Researcher, Eileen McKusick.

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