Sacred Sound Elements Bookings

Sacred Sound Elements offers both private and group sessions of Sound Energy Practice. I promote that Sound Energy work should be a regular, daily practice to maintain our energetic body, in much the same way as we practice Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Private sessions allow for more precision to access and work on specific energetic points and discordant energy, whilst Circles provide an amplified group energy that can benefit you in your own healing journey. A beautiful aspect of live sound performance is that each session and circle is unique, with a focus on different types of energy flow each time. 

Due to the powerful nature of sound vibrations on the body and the intense detox effect that people can experience, please read through the Contraindications page prior to making a booking to determine if Sound Energy Practice is right for you at this time. Please contact me directly with any questions.

There are no upcoming events right now.


Sound Energy Practice invites you to lay down and open your body and your mind to vibrational energy medicine. Because sessions can go for long periods without breaks, it is most important that you are comfortable laying on the floor or table, so please ensure you have access to/bring your own:

- Mat to lay on (eg. Yoga or bodywork mat)

- Cushions to support and prop your body

- Blanket to keep you warm - energetic work can fluctuate your temperature rapidly

- Eye Mask/Cover - I tend to cast a shadow as I move around and work, which can be distracting

- Water Bottle to rehydrate - sound energy work is best performed on a hydrated body and will aid the detoxification process

- A notepad and pen - sound energy work naturally works on our stuck and repressed emotions, so its important for you to have an outlet to recognise emotions as they rise, to acknowledge them and sit with them before they are released. For many, writing is a way of doing this. For those that journey into other realms during sound energy work, writing down what you experienced and witnessed as soon as possible is a way to digest any messages that came through for you. 

If you have difficulty laying on the floor, perhaps consider using a garden recliner chair during this practice. Upright chairs can work too, but you will not receive the same support and shall place more pressure on your body.

All sessions include guidance to bring you into a relaxed state and to tune into your energetic body. You can come in with an intention for each session, or you can build your intention during guidance. A variety of Sound Healing instruments shall be played  (as designated in the Session Description) and a specifically brewed herbal tea for that session shall be offered at the end. 

I aim to keep Sound Energy Circles small so that I can perform body work on individuals that is close to, but not on the body. Sound quality is important to me, but unfortunately I cannot control all environmental noise and we will be impacted by it. Sound Energy is based in Quantum Physics, where vibrations and frequencies are impacting upon and creating energy without our intention or being conscious of it. We can help direct that energy more efficiently through the power of intention, but ultimately our energetic body is going to be impacted and changed by acoustic sound vibrations. Sound Energy Practice is not about having a positive or negative response to the sounds produced, but about surrendering to sound and allowing vibrational energy medicine to be received. That includes acceptance of all sounds that come into the space and is part of building an effective meditation practice. Trust and believe that all sound travels to exactly where its needed.