Kangaroo Ground: Biofield Tuning Group Meditation

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The Kangaroo Ground Centre, 25 Donaldson Road, Kangaroo Ground, Vic 3097

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to comb through the biofield (Electromagnetic field) to locate areas of incoherence or dissonance. Our Biofield holds the energetic imprints of physical and emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, and so much more. By introducing sound vibration into these dissonant areas of the field, the body is able to interact with the tones of the forks and harmonise those areas of tension in the field and in the body. This allows relaxation to occur, which liberates our body, mind, emotions, spirit from old patterns of stress and action. Energy is able to circulate again with greater strength, bringing us into a balanced state and greater peace. Biofield Tuning is a powerful modality for those seeking complimentary therapies to address pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, difficulties moving forward in life and much more.

As part of a monthly series, this session shall focus on our Knee Energy Centres.

Group sessions of Biofield Tuning utilises the amplified energy of the group to work through our energy centres by clearing dissonant energy, breaking limiting belief patterns and seeding affirmations back within our bodies. The session shall end with a herbal tea, brewed to reflect the event. Please dress comfortably and be prepared to lay, fully clothed, on your own floor mat or cushions for the duration of the session. Read through the ‘Contraindications’ page to ensure Biofield Tuning is right for you at this time.

For more Information and videos on Biofield Tuning modality please visit https://sacredsoundelements.com/biofield-tuning