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Group sessions transform to online 

Here at Sacred Sound Elements I’ve been busy researching and trialing online streaming platforms to transform my regular offerings to you all within the best practice guidelines for Social Distancing at this time. Until we receive further information, all Sacred Sound Elements Group Sessions are moving to an online offering. 

Moving forward I shall be utilizing the tools of this website and creating audio tracks of recorded sessions that I shall perform in my home studio, instead of using another online platform where you need to create another account to access a live stream. The recordings shall be made available in a timely manner and you will be able to purchase them directly from this website. You will then be sent a file to download that is then yours to access in your own time, and in the comfort of your own home. 

Recorded audio sessions work within the same framework as Distance sessions - we have no solid proof to explain how this works, only that it consistently does. I believe that we are pulling in and working with Universal Energy that is accessible to us at any time, and we as the Biofield Tuning practitioner are creating intention and definition around how we use that Universal Energy. Anyone can do this, across all timelines and dimensions. Below is a video link where Biofield Tuning founder, Eileen McKusick explains.

Seven Sisters Festival 2020 

Sacred Sound Elements are packing their tents and bags and shipping out to Mount Martha for the 2020 Seven Sisters Festival!

You'll find the Sacred Sound Elements tent in the Healing Haven section where we have a sumptuous selection of Biofield Tuning sessions available, such as:

The Tune Up

Facial Rejuvenation

The Spinal Walk

Biofield Tuning Session

Sonic Meridian Flush

Check out the offerings on the 'Biofield Tuning' page, and as always be sure to check the contraindications page for updates and to see if Biofield Tuning is right for you at this time.

See you soon, Sisters!!!


Kangaroo Ground Cancellation 

Cancellation: all events at Kangaroo Ground are cancelled for tomorrow  (17/02/20) due to low numbers and storm damage in the Gippsland Region. Last night is was raining inside the house I’m staying in at Briagolong, Gippsland, so we have some cleanup ahead of us! 

Please accept my apologies and I hope I haven’t caused inconvenience. Sacred Sound Elements shall return again Monday 23rd March, so please book in early and encourage others to do the same. Much love and blessings to everyone. Stay dry!! ☔️❤️?

Happy Lammas & Lughnassadh 

We have reached the point of High Summer, the balancing point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. We rejoice in the abundance of our first harvest and give our thanks to Father Sun and Mother Earth. Here at Sacred Sound Elements, I have been busy harvesting plants, delving deep into ritual and journey, and celebrating with community and music. It has been a magical week since the 2nd Feb, which shall draw to a close with this Full Moon in Leo on Sunday.

The ‘Bookings’ page is now overflowing with offerings for the next 3 months across locations in Gippsland, Kangaroo Ground and Cockatoo. As always, I’m so proud of the program and cannot wait to connect with new communities in Kangaroo Ground and Cockatoo. If you feel called, please share these events with your community, or leave a review to assist others in making the decision to try Sound Energy Practice. There is plenty to choose from- Sound Circles, Group Meditations and Private Biofield Tuning sessions. Don’t forget I keep my events small so book online to avoid disappointment.

Much love and blessings

Amy Bagshaw, Sacred Sound Elements.

2020 Blessings 

Happy New Year! Sacred Sound Elements is back with new updates and offerings and locations for 2020, and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

2019 was a huge year of training for me and I am now a fully accredited and registered Biofield Tuning Practitioner. This has resulted in me opening private sessions at my home in The Dandenong Ranges, and a price rise to reflect the level of accreditation attained. From my home studio, I can keep prices low and offer more choice and variety in Biofield Tuning offerings, so for this reason I have made all online bookings for my studio on the ‘Biofield Tuning’ page of the website. When I’m Travelling out to other locations, such as Gippsland or Kangaroo Ground, there are additional venue hire fees per client that I must incorporate into my pricing. All online bookings that are not from my home studio must be made via the ‘Bookings’ page, which will have the venue details and appropriate pricing for the session. Same applies for any Sound Energy work.

This year I am looking forward to bringing Sacred Sound Element Circles and Biofield Tuning Private and Group sessions to places in Gippsland, Kangaroo Ground, Cockatoo and Kalorama! These are some of my most favourite places in Victoria and I can’t wait to get to know these communities more. I shall be continuing my training in areas of Sound Healing and Ceremonialist work this year, so keep an eye out for opportunities where I require case studies to practice on and ceremonies where I am in training and need a handful of test bunnies.

I spent the last half of 2019 very quiet whilst I moved through life and training commitments, but I’m excited to use this Blog feature more and integrate my social media more authentically moving ahead. But for now, take a scan through the offerings and get in touch if there’s anything you need!