Happy Lammas & Lughnassadh

We have reached the point of High Summer, the balancing point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. We rejoice in the abundance of our first harvest and give our thanks to Father Sun and Mother Earth. Here at Sacred Sound Elements, I have been busy harvesting plants, delving deep into ritual and journey, and celebrating with community and music. It has been a magical week since the 2nd Feb, which shall draw to a close with this Full Moon in Leo on Sunday.

The ‘Bookings’ page is now overflowing with offerings for the next 3 months across locations in Gippsland, Kangaroo Ground and Cockatoo. As always, I’m so proud of the program and cannot wait to connect with new communities in Kangaroo Ground and Cockatoo. If you feel called, please share these events with your community, or leave a review to assist others in making the decision to try Sound Energy Practice. There is plenty to choose from- Sound Circles, Group Meditations and Private Biofield Tuning sessions. Don’t forget I keep my events small so book online to avoid disappointment.

Much love and blessings

Amy Bagshaw, Sacred Sound Elements.