Facial Rejuvination
  • Facial Rejuvination
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During a Biofield Tuning Facial Rejuvenation session you remain fully clothed, resting on a massage table, while the Biofield Tuning Practitioner applies the handles of vibrating tuning forks to specific acupoints on your scalp, face and neck.

This method has been developed by Tuning Fork Therapies Australia, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach. TCM understanding of beauty is that it is simply a reflection of healthy Qi, therefore beauty and health are inseparable. The face is the mirror of the internal organs, and as we create blocks in our hearts, we proceed to block energetic points on our faces.

To lift the skin, we must lift our Qi.

You should feel targeted and immediate relaxation, that can bring resolution to a wide variety of ailments more broadly in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual states.

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