Sacred Sound Elements invites you into a space of deep listening, sacred ritual, self love and healing. 


In the presence of our Ancestors, helping Spirits and the Divine we :  

reconnect to unconditional love, compassion and beauty   

invite and accept all aspects of ourselves – body, mind and spirit   

give permission for our body to rest, rejuvenate and reset  


This is a sacred honouring of our soul, that allows for reconciliation and reconnection in the highest form of love.   


Within this space we feel and explore what it means to :    

Be in our personal power     

Align with our soul blueprint     

Experience the full depths of our emotions     

Be within the expansive energies of our own creativity     

Be in the presence of unconditional love from our Ancestral Lineages and Soul Family    


Through sound we journey and expand our consciousness, seeing beyond our reality, feeling connected to those who love you unconditionally and acceptance that everything we need comes from within. 

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