Amy Bagshaw

Sound Energy Practitioner

Amy is a multi-instrumentalist Spiritualist Sound Energy Practitioner, offering both private and group sessions. From a classical music background on the Cello and Double Bass, Amy has been exploring meditative soundscapes, influenced by sacred and ancient music from across the globe.

Amy is a qualified and registered Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and holds Foundations Certification in Sound Healing. She has recently completed rigorous training and initiations with Shamanic Energy Training® (Dragon lineage) as a Sacred Space Holder and Shamanic Ceremonialist. This training is an IEHA Globally Accredited Training and requires a minimum of 2 years of training, initiations and dedicated supervision and mentorship before being able to safely guide individuals and groups during their encounters with their true selves and the spirit world. The depth, tenure and immersion of this training enables the facilitator to walk the path of a technician of sacred spaces with the upmost integrity, safety and honour.

With a deep interest in polyphony, resonance and the energetic body, Amy is developing her own unique Spiritualist Sound Energy Practice that combines the power of sound with energy healing and sacred ceremonial space practices. Drawing upon her ancestral lineage and relationship with the Spirit Realms, Amy is co-creating offerings and energetic layerings with her Spirit teams and mentors. Amy's capacity to work with energy, hold space and work within ceremonial practices is what sets her apart. Amy draws upon her personal healing experience and interest in healing the inner child and embodied trauma, combined with 18yrs experience in the disability sector, to expand her practice and research into the area of low sensory stimulation for those living with anxiety, trauma and disabilities.


Amy's Biofield tuning session was in perfect alignment with what's shown up for me in various other modalities. Amy's pitch perfection and understanding of energy is very apparent making the session flow seamlessly and clear in authenticity. Her passion within her work is inspiring and she truly has unique gifts that she offers so generously within her session. I received so much confirmation about past wounds / stuck energy that Amy was able to help free, and I have been continuously watching how this has unfolded in my life in various ways since my healing. I highly recommend going and experiencing her magic for yourself .” - Emma


“ When I went to Amy for a biofield tuning, I had no idea what I was in for. I had never thought about what a biofield was, but after the profound experience in the session, and then what Amy said to me at the end ... I completely understand what she was doing with the tuning forks.  

It was an incredible experience going into the session, open to how lovely sound healing is, but to come out lighter and clearer (after what she did, which was actually a biofield tuning)...

I would recommend it, and I like that she is very experienced so I didn't need to explain much backstory and was able to trust; being fully in the moment, and receiving such nice attention and presence for the whole session.” - Simon


I've attended a one on one treatment and 2 group sessions with Amy as facilitator. Each experience being a relaxing, comfortable and unique journey through vibrational healing. Amy outlines in detail at the beginning what to expect, then proceeds to treat with presicion & care, blending her classical music training with sound healing elements is a delight!” - Jessica


Amy has an extensive musical background, working in the arts, orchestra's and music business which she has translated into a beautiful sound healing practice. Amy"s sound healings incorporates many instruments into her sessions to bring you to a bllissful state of relaxation and calmness. If you have the opportunity participate in Amy"s sound healing sessions, they are amazing ♥️♥️♥️“ - Jill


Training & Accreditation

2007 Bachelor of Music Performance, Monash University 

2018 Level 1 Foundation Certificate of Integral Sound Healing, Academy of Sound Healing (UK) 

2018 Journey Training & Chakra Warrior, Shamanic Energy Training 

2019 Pendulum 1; Meridian Awakening; Spirit Animal; Red Dragon Warrior Form, Shamanic Energy Training 

2019 Plant Spirit Ceremonialist Training, Shamanic Energy Training

2019 Practitioner Certificate of Biofield Tuning, Tuning Fork Therapies Australia.

2019 Certificate in Disability Studies, Swinburne University

2020 Plant Spirit Communication; White Dragon Warrior Form; Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures, Shamanic Energy Training

Current training... 

Magickal Practitioner and Shamanic Ceremonialist (IEHA Global Accreditation), Shamanic Energy Training