Shamanic Clearing

2hrs for $245

A Shamanic Clearing is a session that performs an assessment of your current energetic and spiritual state in order to bring your vitality, energy and power back to a most authentic version of you. Toxic and harmful energies and phenomena shall be cleared as a priority, whilst maintaining a harmonious balance of your ecosystem. Additional elements of a shamanic clearing may include Soul Retrieval & Alignment, Power & Energy Restoration, Reconnection & Reconciliation with Spirit Allies & Ancestors, removal of curses/ spells/ psychic attach and more.

By bringing our vitality, power and energy back to a most authentic expression of you without toxic and harmful interference, we are able to align ourselves more closely to our Spiritual aspect, and Divine Grace, however that may look for you and your belief system. 

Shamanic Clearings work across past lives, lineages and dimensions, providing us with a holistic approach to Soul nurture and care. The smallest of shifts in these sessions can create enormous ripple effects and so it is important you read through the contraindications, have appropriate supports in place and are in a place to allow the integration to happen when booking this session.

This session is only available by remote. Book in a day and time for the session through the booking system. I shall send you an sms at the start and finish of the session then a follow up summary of the session via phone. This reduces the risk of interference during the session. The day before your session you will send me a full body photo and our connection begins with that image. 


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