Metal Circle

(AEST, UTC+10) (AEST, UTC+10)

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The Metal Circle is a Monthly opportunity to explore our relationship to the Element Metal. Rooted in Five Element Practices, this circle shall transform as the seasons change with the wheel of the year - Autumn is associated with the Element Metal. Through Sound, Energy and Spirit we shall look at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relationship to Metal and the seasonal changes happening around us. This is another way to strengthen your relationship with Mother Earth and develop embodiment and grounding in this incarnation. We’ll work with pressure points on our bodies to move our energy and engage through sharing, guided meditation and journaling.

Sacred Sound Elements works with various instruments and Spatial Sound to bring you a sound immersion experience for deep relaxation, mindfulness and embodiment, body wellness and connection. You can tune in from anywhere around the world - all you need is a great set of headphones 🎧 and if you can’t make a live session, a recording shall be made available to you for up to 4 weeks after the live. Once your booking has been processed you shall receive the Live Stream link and password for the date you have selected.

This Live Stream is held within a Unity Consciousness Shamanic Energy Training template, supported by Spirit Guardians within Sacred Space.

The practices of Sacred Sound Elements are not intended to be a substitute for therapy, or to serve as a form of mental health treatment for people suffering from depression or other major mood disorders. If you are or think you may be suffering from depression, we encourage you to talk with someone, especially your GP, a trained Mental Health Professional or Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Please read through the Contraindications Page to ensure Group Circles are right for you at the time of the live event.