Integration Session
  • Integration Session


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Only available to those who have had a Biofield Tuning Session with me first.

The Integration Session aims to bring relief where you may be struggling to integrate the energy work from your previous session. It may be that you are experiencing heavy emotions, repetitive thought patterns, or physical detox symptoms or other, and are finding it difficult to sit with the discomfort. In this session I offer you a witness to your experience and work on your energetic body to release any tensions.

This is a session that uses unweighted tuning forks out in the body’s energy field, and can be done either in person or by distance. For further information on how Biofield Tuning works, please visit the 'Biofield Tuning Page' and explore some of the videos made available.

Sessions last for 30mins. Please dress comfortably and ensure you will not be disturbed during our session. Read through the ‘Contraindications’ page to ensure Biofield Tuning is right for you at this time.

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